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Ethical Considerations in Long-Term Care

Thursday, December 08, 2022
12:00 PM - 3:15 PM CST
In this virtual session, practical information about ethics is provided from a clinical perspective. Core ethical principles as they relate to health care and senior care are reviewed. Behaviors that are considered unethical by most credentialing bodies are considered as well as legal and ethical issues typically encountered in one’s daily profession. The course applies models for analyzing and resolving ethical dilemmas in health care including CELIBATE, RIPS, and the Rest Four Component Model. Case examples illustrating various ethical dilemmas and issues that can take place in senior care settings are offered to enhance learning.

Fully Staffed by Denise Boudreau-ScottFully Staffed

Ultimately, it's your responsibility to get Fully Staffed... and stay that way!

Nowadays it feels like leaders are paying more, doing more. But in return, they just get more people threatening to leave. Do people not care anymore? It’s hard to tell exactly what is going with job seekers, but what we do know is leaders are left exhausted and on the verge of giving up. What can they do about it?

Fully Staffed is Drive's online membership program for healthcare and senior living leaders who are ready to end their staffing crisis. Each month we feature new live and recorded content that leaders can use to impact their recruitment and retention efforts. The content in Fully Staffed is values-based and culture-driven, which is the secret to getting more of the right candidates for an organization and keeping the great ones they already have.

Fully Staffed is an on-demand subscription program designed to get you out of your staffing crisis.

What do you get in Fully Staffed?

  • ·The Recruitment Course: Practical and inspiring videos to walk you through the EXACT strategies you need to become an employee magnet. (Over 1,000 people have experienced the power of this course!)
  • ·The Retention Playbook: How do you keep the stellar people you already have? I take away the mystery in this 5-part course, setting you up to retain the very best like a superstar!
  • ·Monthly New Recorded Content: Fresh new content on the hottest recruitment and retention topics each month, delivered in short, bite-sized videos. This content is based on the top behaviors staff want to see more of each day. By putting what you learn into play, you will naturally attract people who belong in senior living and keep the great ones you have!
  • ·LIVE Monthly Content: Join me, live, for one hour each month to discuss all things recruitment and retention. If you prefer, you can even ask your questions anonymously! (Can’t make the live call, listen to the recording whenever or wherever you like!)
  • ·Surprise Guest Experts: Experts in their fields will share with you their top tips and answer your burning questions in a live call.
  • ·Scheduled Accountability Time: Work on those important, but often neglected, recruitment and retention to-do’s in our member-exclusive "Implementation Hour." (Think of it as a quiet online study hall with me there to help you!)
Fully Staffed supplies you with:
  • Fresh ideas in research-backed content that are proven to help you recruit and retain the very best, all at your fingertips!
  • Accountability time for you to work on your staffing projects.
  • Facebook group to foster sustainability and collaboration.
  • Expert input for your most pressing issues!
  • At least 2.25 CE NAB/SHRM credits every month.
  • Strategies, hope, and positivity galore!

Annual Membership in Fully Staffed: $429

Not a member? Jump on the waitlist for our big relaunch in January and I will send you a fantastic freebie that will maximize your recruitment right now!


The Stability Zone by Denise Boudreau-Scott

The Stability Zone is a go-at-your-own-pace, online program that is brimming with my very best stress-busting advice! Just like The Stability ZomeFearless in the Face of Crisis, this course contains quick, easy-to-implement actions in bite-sized videos. The Stability Zone is the main course, the pièce de résistance, to get leaders full of stress-free hacks and JOY, delicious joy! One of the best parts of The Stability Zone is that leaders can share this joy by teaching their teams how to banish their stress for good too!

What comes with The Stability Zone? Lifetime access to The Stability Zone online course and all the stress-busting hacks! 6.75 total NAB and SHRM continuing education credits for completion of The Stability Zone. WOOT WOOT! Savings on our other beloved online course, Fearless in the Face of Crisis! We truly want leaders to have it all,so we’re offering our other beloved course for just $180. It’s available exclusively on the checkout page for The Stability Zone.


Also from Denise Boudreau-Scott:

Fearless in the Face of CrisisFearless in the Face of Crisis

During the height of the pandemic, I watched leaders falter and doubt themselves. I saw them post online about their supposed leadership inadequacy and I wanted to scream: YOU CAN DO THIS! By the way, I’m talking about friends and clients who are VERY strong leaders. Even they stumbled under the full weight of the uncertainty, fear, and grief they were surrounded by.

Instead of screaming like crazy, I did something way more constructive. I created this on-demand course, Fearless in the Face of Crisis. How can a leader be so exemplary in their skill set that they can handle anything that comes at them? How can they inspire and motivate their team to be their best? Being fearless really matters as a leader,cause let’s face it, there are constant urgencies in this line of work. This course takes the mystery away and gives participants the actual steps needed to embody all that is fearless leadership. Fearless in the Face of Crisis walks leaders through the relevant actions they can use immediately to lead with positivity and confidence. Recalling my own days as a leader, I know this is exactly what leaders need to motivate their staff through uncertain and ever-changing times. So, expect tips, hope and a side of sass,because information alone isn’t enough, people must be inspired to use it!